The Lower East Side during the day is vastly different once the sun sets. On a lazy Sunday morning, the streets are largely empty, save for a few shop keepers readying their businesses for the day ahead. The only real signs of life come from the cafes and restaurants serving brunch to those who have managed to venture out.

Only opened a few months ago, Schapiro’s is a new addition to Rivington St, and is still relatively empty especially when compared to the bustling Schiller’s a few streets away. The surprisingly large room has skylights, large leather clad booths and making it yet another New York gem of a place to enjoy Sunday brunch.


The food is American-Jewish. Kugal, pastrami and latkes are offered at brunch, but it’s the Shrimp and grits that catch my eye.


The dish is much lighter than it looks, grits are creamy, shrimp are spiked with paprika and the collared greens are just that little bit bitter.


Schapiro’s also operates as a late night bar; perfect for groups, and is really when the place comes alive. My pick for Schapiro’s though, is during daytime dining.


Schapiro's on Urbanspoon


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