I always had intentions to visit Towpath Café, but to be honest the canal from Islington to Dalston isn’t really an area I ever frequent. The idea of exercise or even just going for a walk just for the sake of it, to be quite frank, fills me with dread. I have much interneting to do (yes, I used the internet as a verb)! With luck, a catch up with Foodstinct (whose blog is all kinds of lovely and provides thoughtful reading about cooking and the way people eat and relate to food), meant I finally got to visit Towpath.



Only accessible along the canal, it was a rare bright and crisp morning. I pitied the fools taking advantage of the weather to run and exercise. Don’t they know Saturday’s are prime eating times?


Foodstinct ordered the olive oil cake that was light and fragrant with lemon. Ever the glutton, I opted for the grilled cheese sandwich. Gloriously it arrived with a side dish of sticky sweet quince syrup to be smothered all over the sandwich. In all honesty have you ever seen a more perfect specimen of a grilled cheese sandwich? Coffees were strong, nothing too remarkable but decent all the same.



The best way to describe Towpath? A complete and utter delight. Of course, the company helped, but truly, I don’t know why I hadn’t visited before. It really is the perfect spot to while away the weekend, drinking coffee and catching up.

And in other delayed news, my big announcement is that in 3 weeks, my little London food blog will be permanently based out of a new city; New York! For the entire 2 readers that follow me, hopefully you will still be interested in reading my sporadic posts. I started Culinary Creep as a way of remembering all the meals that delighted me and tickled my taste buds. At that point I had already been in London for around 18 months and was already quite settled. I’m a bit excited to have my blog as a record of our new start in a new city. It will still be food based, but I do hope to include little nuances I find about life in a new country. I’m also quite curious to see how my eating habits will change. I already know that I eat out more in London than I did when I lived in Sydney, but from the anecdotal stories I hear (and from all the TV, movies and general pop culture I spend 4 hours a day consuming – hello procrastination!) living in New York will mean almost all my meals will be out at restaurants. The positive side will mean more content and more posts, but I do also want to explore other changes. One thing I predict will change is what I order. At the moment, I have a tendency to order the most rich, delicious thing I spot on a menu. I kid myself that I’m ‘doing it for a post’ but let’s face it – I just really like to eat. The potential health implications are clear, and I’m probably going to be choosing things off menu’s I normally wouldn’t have considered.

Future musings aside, I do hope that while I’m no longer London based, you will still read! I promise I will do my best to entertain through food!

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