This is 100% a guilt post. Guilty in that I haven’t been updating my poor innocent blog. Guilty that I have still been eating and taking photos but taking the time to put fingers to keys has taken a backseat to the recent long hours I’ve been putting in at work. The guilt is doubled when I look at the 9 draft posts I have saved, and when I say ‘draft’ I mean I’ve typed out the name of the restaurant and hit ‘save’. Like I said; guilt. So much guilt.


I actually ate at Patty and Bun longer ago than I care to admit, and completely loved it. I held off writing anything as I wanted to undertake the process of working my way through each and every burger on the menu. Alas, life got in the way and I’m doing my best to curb that pesky burger addiction I seem to have gotten myself into. I also couldn’t think of any decent reasons to trick my husband into eating there; so bad is my addiction that I must come up with more of a reason to eat burgers other than me saying ‘Um, you’ll really like the interior design’.


Dining on my own, meant no room for the confit chicken wings Patty & Bun seem to be getting a reputation for; and only just had room to fit in a burger and chips.



The chips were glorious and fragrant with the scent of rosemary salt.


A quite dense burger, the lightly toasted briche bun added a bit of crunch. The smokiness of the mayo came through, the pickled onions added a nice touch of acidity and bacon smokey and salty. A two-handed affair, it was messy, juicy and just filled with flavour.


The all-important cut-through shot shows how perfectly medium-rare the patty was. Sadly that shade of pink is becoming increasingly rare (ironically and excuse the pun) due to Westminster council and their burger crack-down.


Patty Bun are doing brilliant things at their Marylebone location. Lines at peak times are getting longer and longer as word gets out. The burgers are brilliant and I can’t fault anything that they’re doing and my only regret is that I haven’t tried all the burgers on the menu.


Patty and Bun on Urbanspoon

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2 thoughts on “Patty and Bun, Marylebone

  1. I feel your pain about unpublished drafts. For me, they’re all in my phone’s text editor and many didn’t survive to see the light of the day.

    Anyway, I adore chips with rosemary. Can’t find alot of those these days for some strange reason. It doesn’t really take much, does it? As for the “pink”, I’m a bit queasy about that after Michael Winner. I know it’s not the same thing but I just can’t help it. 🙂

    But good burger and chips at Marylebone? I’m not surprised at the queue!

  2. Those queues outside have been way too daunting for me in this cold. They say the burgers are good, but queuing for over an hour in this current weather means that I am yet to step through their doors. Today’s Monday, might give it another go!

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