Last of the ramen openings for the year is Shoryu. I’ll keep this one brief – like most of my posts of late, I visited shamefully awhile ago and from following them on Twitter I know that they’ve made a few changes to their ramen.


Even my telling menu photo shows the soft-opening 50% off prices.


Simple condiment selection on the tables.


The ramen itself? A big bowl of comfort. The milky, creamy broth was easily the best of all the ramen I have been luck to taste of late. Pork slices firmer than I’d like, however I believe there are plans to correct this. Mushrooms were nice addition.



Its proximity to where I work, means Shoryu is more a place that I’ll frequent for quick week-day lunches. It had a buzy vibe to it, but for atmosphere and socialising, I think Bone Daddies is still the one to beat. I really wouldn’t be pinning ribbons on either place as my favourite – the styles of Shoryu and Bone Daddies really are just too different, but equally excellent; it’s just a matter of what it is you’re after!


Shoryu on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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