Merry Christmas – hope everyone had a lovely day of feasting and relaxing!


It seems perplexing that I would publish 2 posts relating to John Salt in a row, but with the news that broke over the weekend, this post is already out of date, but truth be told, I loved what I ate and the photos came out well, so here we are. Over the weekend news broke that Ben Spalding had left John Salt after only 2 months of operating.


Neil Rankin has been named as new chef, and while I’m curious to see what he brings to John Salt, I reasoned that as we hadn’t tried Ben’s Sunday Roast, we might as well try it on his last day. A large open, industrial looking space, with plenty of room between tables, the downstairs are is quite a relaxing place to while away a Sunday afternoon. On the large wooden table the Sunday papers neatly laid out, prime for my rifling through for the supplements.


Never too early for cocktails, the 2 we selected were just right for my tastes. A complete light-weight, I like my cocktails lighter and fresher tasting, and these 2 were.


Only one roast was up for choice – pork belly with an optional pudding for dessert.


Easily one of the best Sunday Roasts I’ve ever had. A thick wedge of BBQ’ed parsnip, crushed bright green peas, sweetened carrots topped with sesame seeds and spiced apple sauce. A fat slab of rich pork belly, the only low point was the crackling was disappointingly absent and was topped with crushed crackling instead.


An almost comically sized jug of gravy accompanied the roasts.


Pudding was a chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce. Mine was just touch undercooked, but ended up being a blessing; turning my brownie into an unintentional hybrid of brownie/chocolate fondant cake.


Looking at these photos simply reminds me I can’t wait until Ben Spalding has his own restaurant he is happy with. It might not be in Islington as I was initially so excited for, with John Salt, but I know wherever it is, the food will be great.


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