Let’s talk french toast. I believe it is the most perfect of breakfast items. The combination of sweet french toast and a strong cup of coffee makes me very happy. Less heavy than pancakes, but no less decadent, you can keep your full english fry-up, I just need my french toast.


Ozone Coffee is a coffee roaster tucked in just behind Old St roundabout. The inside was much larger than I expected; quite industrial looking with glimpses of the commercial roaster in the basement and has a buzzing atmosphere for a (relatively) early Saturday morning.


The coffee was brilliant as expected from a place that roasts their own beans on site. Cue the usual adjectives to describe coffee; strong, smooth etc etc. It was good enough that I ordered a second.


The french toast at Ozone wasn’t swimming in syrup; a lovely change. Tucked in behind the mint was a scoop of marscapone and berries; the bread was golden, eggy and delicious. The honey was fragrant, but not nearly enough to make an impact on the flavour; I wish there a touch more. Maybe not the perfect french toast dish, but easily one that satisfied the craving.


Booths run along the back wall for groups, but singles and couples are sat around the counter in the middle of the cafe. I love a first hand view of the kitchen, so I was more than happy watching the cooks do their thing.


The menu has a good range between all-day breakfast and lunch options, great coffee, and the lines weren’t too hectic. Ozone Coffee Roasters feels like a hidden gem on a quiet back street, and I really enjoyed my calm solitary breakfast. I love places that easily cater to solo diners, and this is a great option to keep in mind when The Breakfast Club down the road in Hoxton is rammed.


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