I told you I was back on the burgers. Can’t. Stop. Eating. Them. Lucky then, that this one is for a good cause. Every November, men everywhere start to grow the best moustache they possibly can to raise money for cancer. In support of this, Byron have begun their annual support of this charity, by offering a limited edition burger and donating 50p from every burger sold to charity.


First up my beloved Cream Soda. If this were to ever be taken off the menu I would cry.


Now onto the really important part. This years Mo Burger. A seeded version of the glazed bun Byron always brings out for their limited edition burger. The good news is that the glazed bun is now a permanent fixture and all burgers will be now served on it. Yay! This is something I predicted back in August, see?. It’s nice to be right, and it’s definitely a great call on Byron’s behalf. The mustard dill mayo is lovely and bright, both in colour and flavour. Shredded lettuce adds crunch, while tucked in the burger are salted cucumber slices, adding a pickled flavour to the mix and pickled strings of red onion. The cheddar balances out the salty, pickly flavour lending creamy richness.


The cut through really shows how pretty the colours are in this burger. This is a really lovely burger – the mayo, cucumbers and red onions really work together to make this a surprisingly light burger, and I will definitely be heading back for a few more before the month is out. It’s my duty to charity, and erm – burgers!


If you register as an official Moustache grower, and raise 25 pounds, Byron are also offering a free burger from the 7th to the 20th November between 3pm-6pm. It’s enough to almost make me wish I could grow one too.

In un-related burger news, just a word about photos on my blog going forward. I want my blog to grow and develop and I’ve decided the next step is to ensure a higher quality of photos. Pending appropriate restaurant environments and that it doesn’t bother other patrons, I plan to begin lugging my DSLR around. I think from this post that while my poor shoulders aren’t too happy, the better photos are worth it!

Square Meal

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