What’s this? 2 posts in one week? Scandalous. Truth be told this is a timely post; a limited experience that if you have the chance, I strongly urge you to head along to Brick Lane and beg, steal or use any means possible to get a ticket to the Rekordelig Cider Festival this week, while it’s on.

Rekordelig, a premium Swedish cider brand can be found quite easily in pubs across London. For what it’s worth, their Pear flavour is my favourite tipple. Some may say it is a little on the sweet side, however that sweetness is exactly what I prefer.


A friend at work had mentioned this event, but through lack of organization, we didn’t arrange tickets, and I ended up going on a Sunday night with some friends. I was initially unaware of what the festival composed of – I had in my mind nothing more than your average bar and a few complimentary bottles of cider. How wrong I was!

After handing over our tickets, we left our coats in the complimentary coat check and were handed tokens to be exchanged for our cider sample tastings. We headed through the door and literally entered a new world. Rekordelig had created, in the middle of Brick Lane an indoor forrest. The ceiling had been covered up, dirt and leaves strewn all over the ground and actual trees, plants, ferns and moss had been installed. It was very reminiscent of the movie ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and was altogether beautiful and stunning.


Our sample tasting was presented to us on a specially made wooden board, with Rekordelig glasses perched in 4 carved circles. A small card accompanied the board listing the names of the 4 cider variants. A cheese croquette sat on the side. The cheese croquette was the perfect accompaniment to the cider. Crunchy, cheesey, gooey, it was perfect.


Minimal tables were present; we were at first dismayed that there was seemingly no where to sit. Cheerful staff brought out blankets (specially made and branded for Rekordelig) so we could have our own indoor, forrest, night picnic.


Once the tasters were finished there was a wooden menu that listed more food that could be ordered (at only 3.50 each), ciders and a concise list of cocktails (averaging around 5-6 pounds each).


No picture of my favourite cider unfortunately, which was the apple pie cocktail. Served hot, it had the appearance of nothing more than a clear, golden colour. Sipping it brought on a smile to my face. It tasted of apples, and cinnamon and was just like an Apple Pie. It was some Willy Wonka stuff right there. Brilliant. Below was their take on a cider version of mulled wine.


The Swedes really do things very classily. No detail was spared at this event. Even the loos had been decked out with new toilet seat covers with an Autumn leaf motif and hand wash and hand cream. Staff were shockingly friendly for an alcohol-sponsored event; they were all so happy and eager to help with any questions and clearing away glasses. For a 5 pound entry fee? Easily one of the best bargains I’ve seen this year. The cynic in me knows that this is nothing more than an expensive PR event for Rekordelig. At 5 pounds entry per person, cocktails averaging 5 pounds each, and the sheer number of specially made Rekordelig branded features, makes me think that there was little to no profit made out of this; there was so much effort put into one event, with no current plans to run this in any other cities, but you know what? It was a pretty magical night so I can look past my cynicism.


I believe tickets are currently sold out, however they are letting in a limited number of walk ins each night from about 8pm until the event ends of the 6th November. For only a fiver this is truly a unique experience and worth more than the price of entry.


Details on opening times are HERE

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