While going through my draft posts saved, I came across the below that I never ended up publishing. This is the last post of our Sydney trip that happened 6 months ago. Oops! Please enjoy this highly delayed post…..

In the 2 years since we’ve been away from Sydney, the Pitt St Mall Westfield has undergone a complete transformation with shiny new stores and a gourmet food court. Your usual fast food options have been shunned for artisinal options with an artisinal price tag to match. We opted for to try the Snag Stand for sausage and hot dogs.

From memory, Duncan went with the Toulouse sausage. My memory is so hazy – I think he liked it. Eh. Anyway.


I went for the American, which came with a hot dog, ketchup, mustard and a heap of the cheese. This was ok. Not a patch on Big Apple Hot Dogs, though. I did really like the butter-rich bread roll though. Buttery goodness, and it was crispy from being just lightly toasted as well as chewy.


Chips were great though. Proper golden and crispy, with light fluffy potato inside.


Despite being Autumn, it was still warm enough for gelato. In fact, the Autumn in Sydney we experienced was warmer than anything we’ve had so far in Summer here in London.



Duncan’s flavour of choice is always lemon gelato. This was just how you want lemon gelato to be – sweet and just the right tough of sour and tartness.


I went for Lychee, and this mirrored the flavour of real lychees accurately.


Happy Chef! Every time we walked past Happy Chef, I would bug Duncan about eating there, until he finally gave in. Yay! Happy Chef is an absolute institution in Newtown for cheap Chinese. Choose your meal from all the pictures up on the wall and place your order at the counter. If your bill comes to more than $15, you’re probably ordering wrong – portions are huge and prices are low.


Chicken and cashews with boiled rice. Comfort tasty Chinese food.


Truth be told, there are better places for Laksa in Sydney, but I so rarely get the opportunity to eat laksa that there was no way I wasn’t going to order it. I love the combination of coconut milk and spices and the vegetables on top were still crunchy and fresh. The tofu puffs on top soaked up all the sauce. Even just looking at the below picture, makes me crave another bowl.


Oh, and the best bit about being back in Sydney? Creaming soda that’s red!


While in Sydney we settled into a nicely lazy routine of sleeping til late morning, grabbing lunch from somewhere on King St, then a walk around before sitting down for coffee and treats. My favourite is Black Star Pastry. As expected in Sydney, the coffees are perfect.


The thing that discerns cafes from each other is their baked goods. The chamomile macaron was fragrant with the scent of the tea and nicely crispy on the outside and chewy through the middle. Not enough places do canele’s. Shame, because they pair so well with coffee. The first time I tried one, I was admittedly underwhelmed, but after awhile I came around to appreciating the dense little cake whose outside crispy and almost burnt from the caramelised sugar and the dense interior with its subtle sweetness.


Only slightly food related are my new pyjamas. Peter Alexander is known as the PJ king in Australia. I know I could have ordered new PJ’s from the website, but I like to look at the stuff in stores. My new PJ bottoms are covered in cakes – CAKES!


The Aussie burger is one that tends to throw everything on there. I’m talking beef, cheese, lettuce, beetroot, egg, pineapple, tomato, bacon and ketchup – while you’re at it, just add some BBQ sauce too. It all strangely works. Good luck dislocating your jaw to get it in your mouth.


While undeniably over-priced due to the location, one thing I think all visitors to Sydney should do, is have drinks at Opera Bar. Just one look at the view, and it’s all worth it.



Last up, is Yum Cha at the Marigold. The trolley ladies are not present in London, so I couldn’t wait to get back to real Yum Cha. Unfortunately I think I’d forgotten how stressful the whole experience is! Flagging the ladies down, trying to get the good stuff – this isn’t relaxing dining!







And that’s all I have on Sydney! 3 weeks of relaxing, eating, family and now I’m a ‘Mrs’!

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