There is no one who loves a Byron special burger more than I. I love them all. But this current one? It has my dreaded food, avocado. I will happily scoff offal, and all sorts of odd weird things, but avocado I can’t face.

The current limited time burger is the California, which to be honest, when I hear the name, reminds me of this skit from SNL. Timed with the tiny frame of Summer we have, the inspiration comes from the kings of Summer and all things burger, California, with touches of Mexican influence thrown in for good measure.


From memory, this is the 3rd limited burger in a row that utilizes the glazed bun (Uncle Sam, Chilli Queen and now Californian). I like to think (and hope) that this is their way of testing response to this burger before they roll it out as standard across all burgers. Byron are now up to 23 locations (25 if you include Kent and Oxford), and I understand that changing the bun they use is not a decision to be taken lightly, but I do really hope that they eventually make the switch from the current floury bun. It would be most definitely a worthy upgrade.

I think my husbad and I are probably the worst people to be passing judgement on the California. I loathe avocado and he loathes onion. So to be honest we ordered our burgers with a little bit of alterations.

First up was the one with the guacamole, but no pickled red onion. The guacamole looked a bit light on, but it proved to be quite the juicy messy burger. Duncan’s verdit? It was better than the Byron burger, a permanent fixture on the menu and his usual order. High praise.


Next up was mine, sans guacamole. Our waitress was brilliant (the receipt said Veronica from memory) and suggested replacing the guac with a grilled mushroom or maybe salsa. I went with the salsa to keep the slight Mexican vibe the burger already had going on. The salsa was a nice addition, but the bacon flavour actually dominated everything. The pickled red onion wasn’t discernible amongst the mix. I pulled out some pieces to try on their own and they were lovely and tangy. I think if I ordered it again, I would ask for extra of the onions . Once we had finished eating and waiting to pay, I realised what was odd about the burger. A complete lack of cheese. None. Nothing. To be honest, as I didn’t notice it was missing at the time, so I can’t say it needed it, but still how very odd. I suppose of you are ordering it how it is meant to be eaten, the guacamole takes the place of the cheese. It does however explain why the bacon was so dominant, there was no creamy cheese to balance it out, especially with the lack of guac. This is more my fault than the burgers, so not really a criticism, just thinking out loud.


I was getting quite distracted through the whole meal. This was my view through out. Wouldn’t you be distracted if you had a clear view of a bus doing push ups the entire time?



So yeah, Byron’s California burger is pretty good if you’re into that whole avocado thing. Even without, it was still a solid burger (it is Byron after all). Definitely worth a visit. It’s available in all Byron locations until the end of August.


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