I’ve got some good news and I’ve some bad news. The good news is that Meat Liquor is still churning out fantastic burgers.

Even in the dim lighting, I could see that my burger was cooked medium-rare as requested, deep-fried gerkhins crunchy and sour, and the onions rings are still squat sweet little things. The buffalo wings were tangy and crisp.


The bad news is that the lines are still crazy long. We arrived at 6pm and walked straight in. Leaving at 7.30pm we left a que that looked like this:


GBK seem to be updating their menu, probably as a direct result of the burger trend that has currently gripped London. I’m pretty indifferent to GBK, but seeing as there is no Byron on Baker St, I’m stuck with GBK. I know better than to order beef burgers at GBK – the patty always arrives over-cooked despite reassurances it can be cooked to medium-rare, so I went with the Tokyo Jim. A chicken patty covered in panko crumbs and deep-fried, coleslaw that was unevenly chopped and consisted of one big piece of cabbage. It was ok, noting more – mostly because I didn’t really think of it as a burger as such – more of a chicken sandwich.


I ordered the skinny fries, only wanting a small portion, but these were ridiculously tiny. More like chip sticks than fries. Pass.


And that is my latest on the burger front!


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