It’s been so long since I ate at a place that I found to be…meh. I read so much about restaurants and reviews and news, I’m generally quite lucky to know what I’m in for when I eat somewhere. Shrimpy’s however? Just ok.

With nothing to do on one Saturday afternoon after Bloc festival had been cancelled, thus rendering our tickets completely worthless, we were in need of something to do. I don’t even remember how we came to choose Shrimpy’s, but after a quick look on the map, decided it would be a quick 20 minute walk from our flat.


Shrimpy’s while close to Kings Cross station, is located on the far side away from everything except the canal. There is nothing nearby, making it a destination place by default. The branding is admittedly very good, and I would exptect nothing less from the people who own Bistroteque in Bethnal Green. The pineapple logo is cute and eye-catching and is extended to a kitsch pineapple lamp perched on the bar. White tablecloths in use and the cutlery and glasses are ornate and vintage looking. The pale peach walls lend a retro 70’s Miami-vibe to the place.

Unfortunately, while the food was ok, and the interior quite nice, there was almost no atmosphere to speak of.
The food can be best described as high-end American, with elements of Southern cooking thrown in for good measure. I can think of no-one but myself who is currently as infatuated with the American food wave that has come across London at the moment, but I think Shrimpy’s kind of misses the mark. American food should be fun, easy to eat – not a high-end food in my opinion.

I think for the first time ever, I passed on the opportunity to eat a burger. Shocking, I know, but this one was soft-shelled crab (good), a brioche bun (good) and guacamole (gross). Plus with a white tablecloth draped across the table, this was definitely a cutlery sort of place and just watching the 2 guys at the table next to us eat their burgers with a knife and fork was just plain wrong.

The hibiscus lemonade was sweet and refreshing. Points for the beautiful glass too.


I went for the skirt steak. Slightly chewy, but with good flavour and nicely cooked, the steak was served with a chimichurri and bigs chunks of tomato.


Duncan went for the octopus. Served with potatoes and a tomato salsa of sorts, this was beautifully presented, but quite a small portion.


Luckily we ordered a side of chips. Skinny, piping hot and salty they were a good accompaniment and bulked out the meal.


When dessert was offered, we both declined and quickly paid and left. What went wrong? I think for a start, there was a distinct lack of atmosphere. True we were there on a Saturday afternoon, and not in the middle of diner service, but there were others tables present, so the place wasn’t barren. There was no music playing and it was just seemingly subdued. I don’t know. The food was well cooked and presented, but still quite expensive for what it was. Sides needed to be ordered as there was no way you could be full from mains alone. I hate when places do that.

So all up, it was ok. I hate doing such lacklustre posts, but spose they can’t all be winners. More positive posts coming up, I promise!

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