I love living in Angel, but when we moved here a few months ago I remember thinking there was definitely a gap in the market for decent coffee. Clearly someone else thought the same because The CoffeeWorks project has opened up near Angel station on Camden Passage.


The interior has the ubiquitous large wooden benches that go hand in hand with coffee joints these days, and the place was packed on the Saturday afternoon visit. It is surprising to me that there are some places that don’t do soy milk, but happily CoffeeWorks do Bonsoy.

Coffee was brilliant. No complaints. I shall be a regular here for my coffee fix. Happy.


I can spot a good cake at 50 feet, and none of the options here really grabbed me. To be fair they were off to the side under containers. I’m happy to give them time a pass on this as I’m so happy to finally have access to good coffee on the way to the tube.


Coffee Works Project on Urbanspoon


5 thoughts on “The CoffeeWorks Project, Angel

  1. Came across this place this morning whilst looking for a good breakkie place. I’m only new to the Angel/Islington area but am happy that I’ve already found good coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ (still searching for that good breakfast though…)

    • Hi, thanks for the comment! I find it’s the Australian run places that do the best breakfasts and coffees! Are you living in Angel? The Breakfast Club is ok in a pinch if you can stand the waiting! The new Caravan at Kings Cross is next on my list!

      • I’m just a short walk from Angel, loving the area already! I tried the Bfast Club this morning actually, but unfortunately hated it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel really bad saying that because the staff were so lovely, but they served us canned baked beans, tomato-paste relish and tasteless smoothies. I didn’t dare order a coffee :/ I think my standards are too high from being spoilt for amazing b’fast choice in Melbourne, but hopefully I’ll find something good here soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know what the Caravan is like!

      • I’m so glad you’re living in Angel! Most Australians just move straight to the SW of London! It’s like how seemingly all the Brits just move to Bondi in Sydney! To be honest, I only ever order the French Toast, bacon and banana at BC. You should definitely try St John Bread and Wine for the best bacon buttie.

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