Since getting married, I’ve been embracing cooking and the ensuing challenges of being creative, pleasing both sets of taste buds in a timely weeknight manner on a budget.

I’ve cooked a few meals I was quite proud of, but this one was quite the winner. Too time intense for any process pictures (apologies), these are whipped up pretty quickly and taste brilliant.

Inspired my burger meals of late, I wanted to try my own version of Spuntino’s Prawn Po’ Boys.


1 x package of mini burger buns
Iceberg lettuce, shredded
Spices (Rather untraditionally, I used a Middle Eastern mix which still tasted great)
Raw green prawns (I used 3 prawns per slider)
Plain flour
Oil for shallow frying

1. First up mix together the ketchup and mayo and add in some of the spices. I went with about 4 pinches – enough to give it a bit of a kick.
2. Split open the burger buns and arrange on a try for a quick spot under the grill till they get a bit of colour.
3. On a plate, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of plain flour and a bit of salt and pepper, as well as more of the spices.
4. In bowl, crack and whisk the egg.
5. Spread out the bread crumbs on another plate.
6. While the oil is heaping up in the fry pan, start to crumb the prawns. First a coating in the seasoned flour, the a dunking in the egg and lastly a coating of breadcrumbs.
7. Shallow fry the prawns till the bread crumbs are golden brown. If the fry pan isn’t big enough to do all the prawns in one batch, you can keep them warm under the grill.
8. Layer the lettuce, mayo and prawns on the buns and squish down.

Easy! This is a seriously quick and delicious dinner. If you want to serve something on the side, I think some grilled cobs of corn with a bit of butter mixed in with chopped coriander goes really well together!


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