If there was one place we frequented the most in Sydney during our 3 week holiday, it was easily The Pie Tin in Newtown. I can’t even keep track of exactly how many times we visited as there was a few times I had no camera with me. Needless to say, it was all pretty great, hence the number of visits.

Completely devoted to all things pie, The Pie Tin is located off King St, in the former Pretty Dog store location, the interior is light with big windows and exposed brick walls. Touches of red are everywhere from the clock on the wall to salt and pepper shakers, to the bright red stools around the communal table in the centre of the room. It’s casually decorated, but thoughtfully so. Table numbers are handed out attached to vintage pie tins, splayds are the utensil offered for digging into your pie, and bottles of ketchup are of the home-made variety.

Savoury pies come with the option of sides, but I genuinely don’t know how anyone would get through all that food, as the sides from what I could see, are generously portioned, but a pie on its own is more than enough to fill you up.


The first visit saw us ordering the pork and apple pie. They stock Charlie’s Honest brand of drinks which are all great. I’m a sucker for anything peach-flavoured so I was always going to enjoy that drink.


The pork and apple was filled to capacity with strings of softly cooked pork and chunks of sweet apple.


On another visit, we tried a lemonade and a raspberry lemonade; both tart, sweet and refreshing.


My chosen pie this time was the Mexican. No innards photo as while it was delicious, it didn’t make for good pictures. Imagine a mess of chicken chunks, tomato sauce, beans and white crumbly cheese all mixed up with Mexican spices.


The traditional beef pie was filled with ground beef in a rich beef gravy flavour. A mile-away from your frozen gristle-filled version.


And on yet another visit I had the lamb pie with cannelloni beans. The soft fragrant lamb with creamy beans made for a great pie.

The Pie Tin are also known for their sweet pies. I only managed to try one once, and I went for possibly the richest pie on offer – the Snickers Pie. How could I resist that? In hindsight, it was just too rich, just a bit too sweet to finish on my own. I’m ashamed to admit….I left pie on the plate. I abandoned pie! This is definitely one for sharing.

Snickers Pie

Not only do The Pie Tin make great pies, but their coffee is very good too. I guess it makes sense – you need something to wash down those sweet pies with. The Pie Tin is a great addition to Newtown, and if the high number of Pie Face franchises are any indication, pies are having a bit of a comeback in Sydney.

The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon


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