I remember iiza opening on King St in Newtown a couple of years ago just before I left Sydney. Seemingly yet another Japanese restaurant to join the 4 or 5 already there, iiza manages to set itself apart by being just that little bit more authentic, and having less of a focus on the Western-friendly options of Katsu curry’s and the like.

A bowl of warm edamame sprinkled with salt to begin the meal.


Half a dozen panfried pork gyoza, these were golden and crispy.


Agadeshi tofu had a thicker coating than usual, but it resulted in a skin that stayed crispy for longer.


Salmon roles which I delicately poked out the avocado with my chopstick, as it’s pretty yuck. Tempura scraps on top are crunchy battered deliciousness and the sushi rice is soft and clearly rolled fresh.


The last dish was sashimi salmon that had been lightly bow-torched. The fish had a smokey finish, and came with grated daikon and dollops of sauce. One of the prettiest presentations I’ve seen.


iiza is definitely one of the best Japanese options on King St. The food is made with care and a detail to presentation. Prices are a little higher than the other options, but is definitely worth paying that little bit extra.

Iiza on Urbanspoon


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