Remember that day a few weeks ago when the rare phenomenon of a hot sunny day merged with a weekend? And then the temperature promptly dropped and the rain started? That brief window of Summer was nice.

After successfully having spent the Saturday finding a flat, I was determined to spend the Sunday relaxing, so we headed to Brick Lane for some sun, drinks and food. I seriously underestimated the time it would take for The Ribman to sell out of his awesome rib rolls and missed him by a good hour and a half. Lesson learnt. Increasingly becoming cranky at the slow shuffling crowds, and an increasing desperation for something delicious, a brief moment of inspiration struck. The Japanese stall on Brick Lane! Of course.

For a fiver you get an absolute bargain of freshly cooked Japanese food. 2 deep fried prawns; battered and crispy, rice, spring rolls, edamame and a mixed vegetable tempura. A creamy spoonful of potato salad topped it off. This was a massive amount of food and so fresh and all the deep fried elements were so crunchy and not the least bit greasy. Admittedly I have no idea what to call this stall – I just know it as the Japanese stall next to the Takoyaki stall!


With a couple of pear ciders from the off-licence, we sat in the park behind Brick Lane to devour our feast. A few hundred other people had the same idea.


In an unrelated topic one day it’s my dream to live on this street:


Here’s hoping Summer makes another appearance soon.

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