And thus begins working through the massive backlog of posts accumulate through 3 weeks in Sydney. Let us begin aptly at the beginning then. The primary purpose of the Sydney holiday was to get married, so it seemed quite fitting that we would end up eating at Kawa at some point. You see, Kawa was the place 4 years ago where Duncan and I had our first date, and this will always be special to me.


Located in the heart of Surry Hills on Crown St, an area renowned for its cafes and bars, Kawa is one of many cafes that specialises in breakfasts. One thing that hadn’t changed in all the years is the speed of service which sad to say is still at a snails pace. To be honest, the punters don’t seem to mind and if you’re looking for a place to while away the hours and not be hassled to give up your table, then this is really the place.


Are there any better words than ‘All day breakfast’? Well, yes and they are ‘French toast with bacon and maple syrup’, but they are words yet to come to come. ‘All day breakfast’ is a genius concept that bizarrely is not yet standard in London. Madness. If one so craves pancakes at 4pm on a Saturday, then so be it. Ignore the lunch options, stick to the breakfasts, you can’t go wrong. Coffee was strong and smooth, lots of reading material scattered around; my dream cafe.


The big breakfast was indeed as its name suggested. Eggs, beans, toast, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, a sausage, superfluous rocket and avocado. Hardly revolutionary, but cooked very well.


And thus behold, what I deem to be the ultimate in breakfasts, french toast, maple syrup, grilled bananas and bacon. You may keep your eggs benedict, your fry ups, your porridges; I will happily devour this any day of the week. Golden, eggy toast drowned in sweet sticky maple syrup, caramelised grilled bananas, all topped with a generous pile of bacon. Perfect.


And posterity sake, see at the top of the stairs where the pot plant is? That’s where we sat on that fateful day!


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3 thoughts on “Kawa, Surry Hills, Sydney

  1. Oh wow. I love Kawa. Brings back memories of living in Sydney six years ago… Glad to see its still there.

    Please post if you find out the restaurant on topuddle street. I wander past it most days and have been wondering. I fear another chain pub! 😦

    • I think it looks like a chain pub too but Im hoping it’s a nice Italian place or even somewhere that does good coffe would be great!

      I think when I see someone in there I’m going to ask!

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