I really need to stop picking randomn available places to eat at. That way I’d stop eating at places like Jamie’s. A growing chain, with even a branch located in Sydney and one in Dubai, Jamie’s Italians are popping up everywhere. If the website is accurate we’re looking at 30 branches we need to deal with. Yes, deal with, as the food here isn’t brilliantly amazing.

Truth be told, this was my 2nd visit. The first visit rendered photos completely un-useable to the dark interior at night. The food that time wasn’t great, but on a lazy Saturday afternoon, with my local favourite SaSa Sushi closed, the easy convenient option was Jamie’s. On my first visit, I ordered the Cockles Linguine. The pasta was undercooked, and tongue-scrapingly salty. I guess everyone is entitled to a second chance.

First up was 2 glasses of Limonata. London is lacking in lemon-flavoured carbonated beverages. One of things I am looking forward to the most about going back to Sydney next week is downing an icy-cold can of Solo – low on fizz so you can slam it down faster. Limonata is much less sweet than my beloved Solo, but still refreshing.


Duncan had the tagliatelle bolognese. No complaints, no compliments. Says it all really. Just….really average.


I went for the wild rabbit tagliolini. The pasta was cooked perfectly, so no complaints this time. The light mascarpone cream sauce was tinged with hints of lemon and breadcrumbs on top added a bit of texture. The only real disappointment was the rabbit. Sliced into uneven chunks, there was no discernible gamey rabbit taste. It may as well have been chicken. To be honest, this dish was just really bland. Not much actual flavour.


So all up, Jamie’s Italian is just average. On a late Saturday afternoon, the large room was half-full mostly of groups of families and what looked like a hens party. So why are so many people willing to pay for bland food? The same reason so many people are willing to eat at Pizza Express, Pret, Zizzi and Nando’s. Byron is the only restaurant food chain still churning out consistently quality food yet I’m even worried for them, if the last 2 portions of onion rings I’ve eaten are any indication. Jamie Oliver is a familiar brand to the general population, a trusted figure that makes it easier to opt to eat there, rather then do some research and try a new restaurant. How utterly boring. Risk-free dining. No thanks.


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