I’ve blogged before about the deliciousness of the Sunday Roast at the Princess of Shoreditch, but the mixed roast deserves its own post.

Those queasy at the thought of vividly red meat should look away now. The sides served are the same as those served with the whole roast chicken. A golden chicken leg, slice of pork and to top it all off a thick slice of rare roast beef. I love rare beef, but Duncan who enjoys red meat, was a little perturbed at just how rare this was. As this is my blog, I am allowed to make the definitive claim that he is incorrect and the meat was perfect. I guess, however if you prefer your meat less red, then probably ask at the time of ordering. Admittedly I don’t know if they will comply, but service here is always so lovely and professional, I can only imagine they would comply.


Desserts were ordered. No photos unfortunately. Desserts took longer than expected and somehow the table next to us received their desserts first, even though we ordered before them. The reason for no photos is that the 2 ladies next to us happened to order the exact same desserts we did and when ours finally turned up, they giggled to themselves that we had ordered the exact same desserts as them! I can fucking hear you, you know! We ordered before you! I was so annoyed at them I refused to take photos. Yeah, irrational, I know but there you are. They were really getting on my nerve to be honest. They sat there the entire time discussing movies – sorry, no – films and just how marvellous ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ is and Tilda Swinton was positively robbed of an Oscar. Ergh. Shut up! I love discussing movies too, but these 2 seriously thought they Margaret and David. They weren’t.

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