Just a quick post, as I am feeling a bizarre combination of lazy + busy. Lazy as I am feeling lethargic just looking at my list of things to do. Busy as I am heading to Berlin on Wednesday for long weekend of currywurst, clubs and coffee. Ok, the coffee is not amazing there but I needed something starting with the letter ‘C’ to finish the sentence. Truthfully, I will be more interested in hitting up Burgermeister and The Bird for their burgers that I missed out on the last time I was there. Pictures and a worthy post upon return, I promise.

I hit up my favourite coffee spot in Soho, on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see a plate of macarons on the counter.

The poor macaron looks so lonely on his own, but rest assured he wasn’t lonely for long. He was joined by the 2nd and 3rd I subsequently bought. They made friends in my stomach so they had a happy ending?

No particular flavour – they were simply filled with sweetened cream and had perhaps a slight vanilla flavour. The texture was perfect – crispy outer and very chewy once your teeth went through the outer shell.


I love Foxcroft and Ginger and have blogged about them more times that I probably should. I think they’re brilliant. Friendly staff, strong coffee, good snacks. Big window for people watching, good reading material. What else do you need?

Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft and Ginger on Urbanspoon

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