I am always wary of getting a bagel (or baggle – Community reference #sixseasonsandamovie) on a Sunday. Inevitably everyone in line is clutching the same weathered copy of Lonely Planet/Frommers/Rough Guide. DSLR’s hang from their necks like sophisticated expensive neck weights and there is always a mother scolding their child for not behaving. Gross! As a rule of thumb I avoid tourist sites like the plague. One tourist is fine. More than one and they all start to say silly ignorant things – loudly. Always loudly.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for delicious, quick, cheap and tasty bagels in London. Especially in the vicinity of Shoreditch. So, I line up with the tourists. Thankfully the line moves quickly for its length.

Reminiscent of the Soup Nazi Seinfeld episode, the procedure is military like: stay in line, speak up when it is your turn, say your order clearly, have your money ready. So easy even the tourists can figure it out.

One salt beef bagel, little bit of mustard, pickles. 3.50. By no means an expert on salt beef, nor bagels really, all I know is the combination of hot salty beef with the crunch of the pickles and the burn from the mustard is a brilliant combination.


Yes, it’s filled with tourists unless you turn up at 4am at which point it will be filled ravers and stoners, but they’re tasty, quick and cheap. Can of Rio from the off-licence to wash it down with and you have the makings of one of the cheapest lunches in London.

Beigel Bake on Urbanspoon


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