Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? I mean really – look at it! I love Lucky Chip.


Lucky Chip has taken up residence at the Seabright Arms pub in Bethnal Green. On a Friday night the pub is packed, but luckily it is unusually warm and we manage to snag a table outside. The food takes what seems an age to arrive, but staff are clearly organised to make sure the food gets delivered and you know what? The wait is worth it.

First up is the Kelly LeBrock. I cannot stop looking at the photo of this burger. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that is so amazing about it – the bun that is so shiny it looks almost sticky with sweetness, that drip of mayo just demanding to be licked; the perfectly melted cheese. It’s a messy, 2-handed burger but I make sure to get as little of it on the table as possible. Normally I request burgers cooked medium rare, but due to crowds and noise, I don’t bother. The quality of the meat shines through. Definitely the best burger in London.


The special burger of the week is the Jeff Bridges ‘True Grit’. A seeded bun, bacon, onion, BBQ sauce, cheese, spinach and a slice of apple. The apple works, adding crunch and sweetness.


Chips followed. No photos – by that time by hands were a greasy, sticky mess from the burger. They were as I remember from my first visit. Crunchy, salty and addictive. Served skin-on-chips-style, they are how I always wish Byron Chips to be.

Lucky Chip is everything I love about burgers. Good quality meat, good choice of bun, great chips and an understanding of burger ratios. By this, I mean no ingredient outshines another. One of the hardest things about getting a burger right is making sure that all the fillings work together to create a brilliantly balanced mouthful. This is something that Lucky Chip doesn’t just get right – they excel in it better than anyone else. My other favourite thing about Lucky Chip? The pop culture references. Half the fun of Lucky Chip is ordering when you get to say the names of the burgers. I am still gutted I didn’t get to try the ‘Bill Murray Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. Despite the claims from some people that Life Aquatic wasn’t one of Wes Anderson best pieces of work, I strongly disagree. The beauty of that movie was the subtly in its humor. And besides – shouldn’t burgers be fun? Lucky Chip get it. About Bill Murray and about burgers.

Seabright Arms

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