How much does service play a role in your impressions of where you eat? Is a stronger impression left if the experience is positive? Or more if it was negative? This is my 2nd post on Bread and Wine’s breakfast service. In my first post, I tried the infamous bacon sandwich which I believe did live up to standards I had heard and read about. What I didn’t mention was that we had ordered 2 sandwiches and they only brought one out. The second had somehow been forgotten. We had to chase them for the 2nd one, which due to the high ordering rate of this sandwich meant it came out quite quickly.

On my 2nd visit, I decided that I wanted to try something else from the menu. Last time, the poached pears, yoghurt and toasted brioche had caught my eye. This time, the pears had been replaced with stewed apples. Duncan ordered the bacon sandwich and we placed drinks orders which turned up quickly. What didn’t turn up quickly was the apples and yoghurt. At what point do you question the location of a missing meal? I get so embarrassed questioning staff at restaurants, so I gave them 10 minutes at which point Duncan had nearly finished his sandwich. Upon enquiring how long it would be, I was told that as the brioche is toasted in the oven so it takes a bit longer to arrive. Fair enough. After another 10 minutes, someone came over, still no food in hand. Unfortunately there was a problem and somehow my order never made it to the kitchen. The staff were apologetic and reassured me that my food would not appear on the bill.

A couple of minutes later my food arrived. It was a massive bowl. Piled high with yoghurt and stewed apples, the toasted brioche on the side look puny. The apples were sweet, soft and had been stewed in cinnamon which I loved. The yoghurt was gorgeously creamy and rich; the brioche was buttery, golden and crisp. The only problem I felt with this breakfast was the proportions were out of balance. Much, much too much yoghurt for the amount of toast they provided. Other than that it was a great breakfast.


And as a reminder, here is another shot of the great bacon sandwich which was mentioned once again in the media over the weekend in the Guardian.


So, having now eaten at Bread and Wine twice and having one order forgotten each time, it’s hard to say what my thoughts are. Without a doubt, when staff realised I was missing my food, they stepped up and provided great service, but that’s TWICE my food has been forgotten! Fluke? Or something more? Rather than apologising for a mistake, I would rather just be able to eat my breakfast in peace. The food is great however. I’ll report back should I get over my fear of being forgotten again. If it happens a 3rd time? I’m visiting a shaman to get that curse lifted off me.


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