How far would you go for a bacon sandwich? Well apparently I’m willing to making a booking, set my alarm for 9am on a Sunday morning no less, and eat at 10.30am. It just any bacon buttie; it’s comes from the kitchen of Fergus Henderson at ST John Bread and Wine and it served between the hours of 9am to 11am. Gotta be quick! I’m so spoiled on the idea of all day breakfast that to get up early to sample this sandwich feels almost shocking.

Totally worth it. Toasted fresh bread, smear of butter and delicious salty bacon. Homemade ketchup is sweet and little bit acidic, the perfect foil to the salty pig.


Would I get up again to eat this buttie? Yes. In fact I woke up today at 11:23am and groaned when I realised I had missed the timeframe. Damn it.

There are other items on the menu that I really want to try too. Pikelets with blueberry jam anyone? Or maybe poached pears, yoghurt and toasted brioche? Yes please!

St John Bread and Wine
St John Bread & Wine on Urbanspoon

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