I love Bun. My go-to Vietnamese dish in the past was always a bowl of Pho, but the guilt of never finishing it and always leaving 1/2 a bowl behind encouraged me to seek alternatives. And this is where bun comes into play. Cold vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, herbs, spring onions, carrots and cucumber for the base. From there various toppings are offered. Douse the entire thing in nuoc cham, a mix of sugar, fish sauce, dash of water and chilli.

My search for the best bun is currently taking place along Kingsland Road. First up we have Tay Do. There are 2 Tay Do’s, I’ll be honest: I am still unaware of the relation between the 2. I assume they’re owned by the same people. The one I visited is on the left had as you’re walking up Kingsland Road. A tiny little hole in the wall, it was surprisingly crowded. A little cheaper than Song Que.


My choice for bun fixings tonight are spring rolls and pigs skin. The pig skin is not crispy crackling, rather more akin to sliced tripe with a gelatinous texture. Good abundance of herbs; coming across pieces of mint feels like finding treasure while the carrots have a welcome pickled flavour. The best part? The portion is massive. Truly, this photo doe snot do it justice. Generally I find I can finish a bowl of bun. This defeated me. The price came to maybe just shy over 7 quid? A bargain? Most definitely.


The generous mint throughout was great, and value for money it was, but as far as the best in London? I think I can find better.

Tay Do on Urbanspoon

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