Various meals eaten recently:

First up, Bún bò Huế from Song Que on Kingsland Rd. Always reliable for good pho. A spicy treasure trove of bouncy noodles, crunchy bean sprouts, onions, slices of beef and pork.


Next up is Chipotle.


A quick takeaway lunch of a burrito in a bowl. Not in the mood to use both hand to eat, I wanted something I could mash up in a bowl. Pork, rice, beans, sour cream, cheese and the spiciest salsa they had. My nose was properly running after this much enjoyable lunch. Things really do taste better in a bowl. The only thing that could have made this a little better is if I had the foresight to ask for a little lettuce for an extra texture in there. Always next time.


After a weeknight haircut in Soho, to much delight I realised my hairdresser was only a few doors away from Ten Ten Tei. Every attempt to dine here has been thwarted by me turning up on a Sunday when it is closed.

I need to eat more ramen and more soup noodles in general, really. Shio ramen hit the spot. Chewy noodles, nice hunk of chashu pork with a nice ring of flavour-giving fat, spring onions, bean sprouts, a hard-boiled egg, snow peas, and a nice pat of butter. Butter makes everything better. Perfect balance of textures.


2 pieces of ikura sushi on the side. Nothing like eggs squeezed from a fish to say “I am on top of the food chain” like ikura does. I like the burstiness of it. Admittedly the somewhat oozy nature of it can be hard to take the first time you try it.


I finally made it round to trying the sandwiches at Keu! (Their exclamation mark, not mine). About time, too. I was getting sick of being texted photos of sandwiches from Duncan proclaiming them to be amazing. I went for the classic, which, while not being socks blowing off amazing, I still appreciated the thicker than normal smear of chicken liver pate than I’ve experienced with other Bahn Mi. Crunchy and fresh, an added splash of soy sauce heightened the flavours. Next time I’m getting the BBQ Mackerel and making sure to liberally add the Sriracha. I’ll report back.


Song Que
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Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Ten Ten Tei
Ten Ten Tei on Urbanspoon

Kêu! on Urbanspoon


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