One Sunday afternoon when the lines were too long to bear at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, a quick Google search lead to The Book Club.


Mostly breakfast items, there were a few lunch items on the menu. Bacon and Maple syrup are a magical combination – magical. Pancakes, sliced bananas, strawberries, couple of slices of delicious salty bacon, covered in a healthy douse of maple syrup. The pancakes were a little thick, a little stodgy and the bananas definitely would have benefited from a couple of minutes in a fry pan rather than cold and straight from the fridge, but it was still enjoyable due to the afore-mentioned maple syrup and bacon.


I hate the rare occasions when menu-envy arises but I had it that day. Duncan ordered the roast pork baguette which turned up with salad and fries on the side. The fries were golden and crunchy, salad was the usual green stuff and the baguette was stuffed with pork slices and the most glorious mound of pork crackling you ever did see. So so unfair! That’s good crackling.


Coffee was pretty poor. Stick to anything but the coffee. The Book Club was relaxed, laid back, and uncrowded; very different to the crazy lines at The Breakfast Club. The Book Club turns into a bar at night. I want to go back, mainly to try their cocktails.

100-106 Leonard Street

The Book Club on Urbanspoon


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