Irrationally cranky after having to stay back at work to finish unavoidable tasks despite being given an lunchtime Christmas early mark, then having to lug a 5kg goose home in the pouring rain from The Ginger Pig, I was needless to say, over Christmas.

Wanting something different to the usual choices (burgers or vietnamese), I listed as many cuisines as possible to find something different. Mexican it is. The lines at Wahacca have always been my deterrent in trying the food, but my reasoning determined that on the last Friday before Christmas, the 23rd of December would result in people preparing for Christmas and others trying to make the escape from London for the holiday. My reasoning proved accurate; and we were seated immediately.

I am fully, 100% aware that what generally is referred to as Mexican is not authentic, and actually leans more towards Tex Mex, but you know what? I LIKE it. I like crunchy corn chips smothered in beef and beans and cheese and sour cream. So sue me. It’s messy and glorious and a cornucopia for texture. Wahaca is real Mexican. Fresh and dare I say it, healthy.

On every table is a bottle of Wahaca chile sauce and a bowl of salsa-type sauce. Both had quite the pleasant kick to them, but the bottled stuff had a fruity taste to it, the bowl stuff was your more standard chilli tomato flavour.


Opting for meze-style dining (listed as Street Food on the menu) as opposed to ordering mains, we started off with the Chorizo and Potato quesadilla. The chorizo flavour was a little muted compared to others I’ve tried, but it was a nice enough start.


Next up was the grilled steak taco with salsa and cheese on top. The steak was a little chewy, but there was a nice spice to them that added a bit of depth. Little bit messy too.


Chicken Tacquitos were chicken wrapped around a tortilla and deep-fried. My favourite words. Covered in lettuce, cheese, salsa and fresh cream, this was delightfully textured. The menu stated that the chicken was marinated but any flavour from this was lost in the shredding and deep-frying. I enjoyed this plate the most; probably due to previous declaration for the aforementioned Tex Mex and the similarities to it in this dish.


I’ll be honest. I can’t remember what this plate was. I think it was the pork taco? Eh, fail. I dunno know. I remember the onions was crunchy and surprisingly didn’t have a bite to them as raw onions are prone to do.


Churros. Crunchy, hot, and all round awesome. I double-dipped to the faux-horror of Duncan, who returned the favour by also double-dipping.


The level of spicing was just enough to make my lips tingle once I covered it in a healthy dousing of the Wahaca chile sauce. Despite requesting ‘no chilli’ in quite a few dishes, Duncan still found quite a few plates still far too spicy. I know it’s wrong, but this made me giggle quite a bit. I’m a jerk, I know. I guess if you have absolutely no tolerance for chilli, then Wahaca is probably not the restaurant for you.

So, would I go back? Only if there no lines and I could be seated straight away. The food was fresh, arrived quickly and had a decent amount of spice to it which is always appreciated. Unfortunately it didn’t blow me away enough to brave the excessive lines – the only restaurant I’ll do that for is Meat Liquor.


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One thought on “Wahaca, Soho

  1. The lines are a bit annoying, but there seems to be a pretty quick turnaround considering. I’ve been craving some Tex-Mex for a while now. If you go back you should try the tortilla soup.

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