Eat St at Kings Cross is a place I’ve been meaning to visit since it opened. Problems abound in my plan where I don’t work anywhere near Kings Cross, am chained to my desk from 9 to 5, and I work 5 days a week. Taking a day off to run all those errands that need to be done before Christmas, means I finally have a chance to swing past for a quick visit on the 2nd last day of trade for the year before they re-open in 2012 on the 11th January.

A collective of street food traders who regularly switch to give people variety, Eat St is a quick 2 minute walk just north of Kings Cross station.

The roster of traders can be found on the Eat St website; I secretly hoped Big Apple Hot Dogs would be there on the day I visited, but I wasn’t so lucky. The traders that day were Buen Provecho, Banhmi 11, Yum Bun, Bhangra Burger and The Ribman.

Yum Bun pork buns. A signature dish at Momofuku restaurants, I have yet to sample David Chang’s version, but if they are half as tasty as these were, I would be happy. Slice of pork belly, nicely fatty and rich, crunchy cucumbers cut through the richness. The hoisin sauce slightly overpowered the flavours, but still a good start to Eat St.

Next up was Buen Provecho for Mexican food.

2 soft tacos, one vegetarian, one pork. The pulled pork was soft and stringy, my hands covered in pork juice, fresh salsa on top. No guacamole due to my dislike of avocado. The courgette vegetarian option had a good spicy kick to them, and the courgettes still maintained a slight bite to them. Diced green chillies from the salsa ensured my nose ran and lips tingled.

Gratuitous pork close-up.

Pho from Banhmi 11. Their specialty is their Banhmi, but that day it was particularly cold and there was no way I’d finish a whole sandwich at that point. Enter mini bowls of pho. Genius. About the size of a large cup seen at most ice cream places, this was the perfect size. Honestly, more places need to offer this a size option. Big enough to taste to get the flavour, small enough to allow for sampling of various items. Chopped chillies, fresh herbs, squeeze of lemon, perfect.

On reflection of the stalls that day, it’s interesting that all the stalls featured chilli in some way. All the traders had the option for no chilli, but that intrinsic link between street food and chilli is something that can’t be ignored.

Eat St is great – it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into devising the roster for the traders to ensure maximum variety for the punters. If I worked in the nearby vicinity I would frequent this very often; much better than any Pret or Eat! If going for a curiosity visit, don’t do what I did and go solo; bring an eating partner so you can sample all the stalls – this was the only regret I had that day, that I didn’t have the stomach space to sample Bhangra Burgers or The Ribman. Other than that, go, eat and enjoy.


Just north of Kings Cross Station.

Follow the signs!


3 thoughts on “Eat St, Kings Cross

  1. Excellent eating here Ms Creep! The mini pho looks so cute. Even though you obviously have some sort of obsession with pulled pork, I like it when you mention the vegetarian options also. 🙂

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