Dinner at Yalla Yalla, just north of Oxford St. Rather than ordering mains, we opted to share a number of the mezzes.

Riviera cocktail to start; this was lovely. Vodka, lemon juice, honey and passionfruit. The honey coming through at the end was really nice, the passionfruit refreshing.

Muhammara dip with pita bread for smearing. Mixed nuts pureed, red peppers, slivers of chilli and greenery whose name escapes me. Good texture and discovering whole cashews and pistachios was a pleasant surprise.

Batata Hara, sauteed potatoes, and chillis. The potatoes were more soft than crunchy, but there was not grease to them. The addition of spices gave them another dimension of flavour.

Kibbe Lahme. Lamb, cracked wheat and pinenuts. Good crunch, moreish dunked into the tahini on the side.

Last dish was the Samboussek Jibne. Pastry filled with lamb and nuts. In hindsight a bit samey to the order of the kibbe, I don’t know what I was thinking. Moreish and tasty, but very similar to the kibbe. Ordering fail.

The 4 dishes was more than enough to fill us up. Yalla Yalla is a good option to keep in mind if you want to get away from Oxford St,  aren’t fond of Pret, and want a quick snack.



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