Quick dinner in Soho on a Friday night. Craving pulled pork; Bodeans is the easy option, although with the imminent opening of Pittcue Co also in Soho; the pulled pork ‘go to place’ will surely and definitely move on to the newcomers.

Soho Special; a mix of pulled and pork and BBW burnt ends, onion rings substituted for fries. The batter on the onion rings was a little thick; as a newcomer to the delight of onion rings my favourite so far is Byron who included a substantial amount of pepper in their batter.

The Boston Butt sandwich; pork shoulder, coleslaw, pickles and fries. The toasted bun added a nice textural crunch, the coleslaw was a tiny teaspoon amount, almost negligible for that tangy, fresh crunch I was looking for. Fries were great; just a little crispy and covered with seasoning. The accompanying dip though had clearly been sitting on the bench for a while, and had a noticeable film over it.

Washed down with an A + W Cream soda (my favourite), Bodeans satisfied my pork craving; but not impressing me greatly, I will wait for Pittcue Co. for truly great pulled pork.

Foxcroft and Ginger for a hot chocolate; too late for my usual coffe order, this hot chocolate was surprisingly great, although I shouldn’t have been too surprised considering how good their coffees are. Usually I find hot chocolates far too sweet; this one had no sugar added and I actually found myself adding sugar to it!


Bodean's on Urbanspoon


Foxcroft and Ginger on Urbanspoon

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