The best weekend brunch food is dumplings. Not eggs, not even bacon. Dumplings. Young Cheng on Lisle St in Chinatown, one of several branches, has more menus than you can poke a stick at. Averaging around 4 the minute you sit down. Surly service, but hot, freshly cooked dumplings at an extremely low price mean I will always put up with it.

A mix of the usual Yum Cha suspects; I am surprisingly conservative when it comes to my Yum Cha choices.

Soup dumplings to start, the skins are far too thick, but no one in London gets them as thin as Din Tai Fung, so I can’t hold that against them.

Char Sui Buns. Fluffy, soft and with a pretty decent bun to pork ratio, these are a sold order. Douse them in a mix of chilli oil and sriracha and they’re my favourite Yum Cha order.

Har Gow. The prawns were bursty and still had their bite to them. The skins were also cooked perfectly – not gluggy at all.

Squid cakes and Vietnamese spring rolls. The squid cakes had the springy, bouncy texture to them; there was a sweetness in the squid, but sadly that was all. They needed another flavour to them; maybe dice coriander or chilli. The spring rolls looked a little warped but were roof-of-the-mouth burningly hot.

Pan-fried gyoza, not strictly Yum Cha traditional, but a good porky filling. The uneven frying meant they didn’t have that nice chew from the steaming:frying ratio, but still acceptable.

I like the Yum Cha here. It’s not the most adventurous, but when you’re craving dumplings it’s a good stop for freshly cooked Yum Cha.

Young Cheng

Young Cheng on Urbanspoon


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