With nowhere to go on a Saturday night and time ticking down to finding somewhere to go, a quick search showed available space at Bread St Kitchen; the latest restaurant from Gordon Ramsay. The inside is quite stunning and a lot of work has gone into it. A huge space, they’ve done well to divide the space into smaller areas to make it less cavernous. Having been opened for a while, the menu is divided into Raw, Salads, Hot Kitchen, Wood Stone and Puddings.

Mojito to start, quite sweet but strong. My sweet tooth enjoyed it.

From the raw bar, salmon ceviche. Beautifully fresh, it came with tart grapefruit pieces, lime dressing with diced jalapeno and coriander.

Pork Belly main with apple sauce and 3 sides to share. Chips, brussel sprout tops and honeyed carrots. The carrots in particular were great, but the choice of the kitchen to force you into ordering sides did not go over well with myself. I can understand why a restaurant would offer this if you are serving a very concentrated meal (such as a steakhouse), but each main had very different flavours. It almost seems like a lazy decision to design mains, but not the side components. I don’t know, just my $0.02 I guess.

My main of poussin with chimichurri and burnt lemon. A few places seem to be offering burnt lemon on menus lately. Adds an extra dimension to the acidity. I forgot though the hard work in getting meat off the bone when using your hands is unacceptable. First world problems and all that.

Awful picture; sorry of the bread and butter pudding. The custard sauce was light but there was sugar on top that had not caramelised and that combined with the already sweet sultanas made the dessert hard to finish and we were already sharing it.

All up this was quite expensive for what it was. The food was not particulary exciting and you could get similar meals for less at a more convenient location. You’re essentially paying for the Gordon Ramsay experience. Speaking of, halfway through the meals, Gordon Ramsay himself came in for dinner with his family. This was slightly exciting I guess to see the celebrity chef dining in his own restaurant. He did the rounds to a few tables, asking for customers thoughts, displaying none of the ‘charm’ he shows on Hells Kitchen, which let’s face would have made the meal a lot more memorable.

Bread Street Kitchen


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