While I want this blog to generally be a positive space on delicious, tasty, intriguing, comforting meals I’ve eaten, this sad, sad burger is worth mentioning as a ‘what NOT to do when serving burgers’. Here goes:

1. DON’T just slap on the cheese at the last moment and let it half melt. It WILL look like spew. Sorry if you were eating when you read that.

2. DON’T cut tomatoes that thickly. Am I eating a salad or a burger?

3. DON’T pile on the lettuce – see #2 above.

4. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, announce you have a ‘rare cooked’ burger and hand this over:

Good lord – I’m getting depressed just looking at that. No pickles, no sauce of any kind; no melty American cheese. The fries were ok, and didn’t offend me. You’ll notice I picked off the salad.

I could name and shame; to help others in knowing where NOT to go for what is currently in the running for the worst burger I’ve eaten in a while, but I won’t. I’m just not as brutally cruel as I should be about a travesty to a meal they called a ‘burger’. To be fair, it was at a small pub, and not from a restaurant that specialises in burgers, but still! If you’re taking my money, you could at least cook it to how you announced it as…just saying.

This burger SUCKED!



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