Ramen Seto is one of those places I would always walk past and mean to stop and eat there and finally I did; even liking it so much as to going back again a few weeks later.

A cold and rainy night called for warm sake. A bargain at around 5quid for a bottle.

Edamame to share, a bit softer than I would like, but still tasty.

Seafood ramen;a mix of seafood, cabbage and noodles. This seemed less Japanese and more Korean.

Pork Katsu set meal, which came with boiled rice and a bowl of miso soup. The pork was just right, with a little bit of fat running through it to give it that bit of flavour. A plate of pan-fried gyoza was also shared. All up, that first meal came to a total of 30 quid. Bargain!

The 2nd visit started off with gyoza again. Hot, crisp and just a little bit chewy. Brilliant.

And a bowl of pork ramen with kimchi. This was ok. The combination of kimchi with ramen is not the best, but I really liked the flavour that the kimchi imparted on the ramen; giving a slightly spicy kick. The noodles also still had a bit of a chew to them, rather than being soft and squidgy and overcooked.

Ramen Seto isn’t the best Japanese place in London; far from it, but you could definitely eat at worse places for a lot more money, considering the convenient location from Oxford St. A good place to keep in mind when you want to escape the crowds.

Ramen Seto

Ramen Seto on Urbanspoon

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