A new branch of the original Cay Tre on Old Street is located on Dean St in Soho, and has been on my metal list of ‘places to try’ for a while now. Only a quick dinner; I really liked the dishes ordered and would happily go back to try more.

2 mains, plus a bowl of brown rice to share. First was the Shetland Island Hot Pot. There was diced bacon throughout and the menu mentioned chilli but heat levels were negligible.

The 2nd main was Ox Cheek au Vin, my choice due to my current love of this meat ever since a glorious meal at Pollen St Social. The meat was soft and tender, the carrots and potato still had a bite to them and the broth? 100% drinkable. Charmed, I’m sure. Both mains were perfect with just a bowl of rice to mop up the stewed juices.

Possibly lacking anything of the vegetable variety, both mains leaned more to the heavier French-inspired side of the menu, a definite departure from my usual order of Summer Rolls and bun with grilled pork that I usually choose; this meal showed a different side to the light, fresh and vibrant side Vietnamese food is generally known for. With the next few months of Winter ahead, Cay Tre is a place whose menu I will happily work my way through.


Cay Tre Soho on Urbanspoon

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