Burger fiends like myself all over London have been waiting for 11/11/11 when Meat Liquor would officially open in the West End. An early tweet from @meatliquor indicated that it would open earlier than advertised.

All photos ahead are pretty damn blurry. It is probably appropriate though because I was pretty tipsy when I left and to be honest that’s the only proper way to leave Meat Liquor. If you’re not tipsy, you’re doing it wrong.

The inside is pretty dark. Figuratively as well as literally. Red light bulbs give it a seedy look while the gothic murals remind me of American Horror Story if the Harmons were to start serving burgers (Gimp baby, Gimp Baby, Gimp baby!). Although side note: it appears it won’t be a gimp baby and rather something with horns and hooves. But I digress towards discussing my favourite/most hate show I watch.

First up was the Full English Martini with an egg in place of an olive. Brilliant. I actually forgot that martini’s are made with gin and I tend to drink vodka martini’s, but it wasn’t as toxic as I feared and turns out I can add gin to alcoholic beverages I will consume. Post this drink, I forgot to take pictures of our cocktails which is testament to how little I can hold my booze. All up 3 cocktails each were had. Some better than others, but all drinkable.

DEEP-FRIED PICKLES. That is all. Crunchy, sour, sweet. There was a dip of some kind that had pickles in it. It was hard to tell; it was so dark, but these were gooood.

Burgers! My favourite word. Wow, these pics are blurry. Sorry. American cheese, beef cooked rare, coarsely ground patty, good flavour. The only slightly negative thing I could possibly say about it, was that I preferred Lucky Chip’s bun to Meat Liquor and even then this burger is still streets ahead of 99% of burgers in London.

The holy trinity of things I could easily live off: Cheeseburgers + Fries + Mojito’s.

Pie! While I admittedly went through a cupcake phase, it is my strongly held beliefe that pies totally shit all over cupcakes. Coconut cream pie on the left, Key Lime Pie on the right. Coconut cream pie was good. I do have a penchant for all things coconut. The flavours in this weren’t as rich as I wish they were, but at this point I had consumed my body weight in cocktails and burgers so I’m not really in a position to appropriately comment. I’ll eat it again and report back. The Key Lime pie was brilliant. Pie crust full of flavour and the lime a lot more prominent in this one. This is a pie I’ll add to my mental list of things to bake if I ever live in a house that doesn’t have an oven I’m afraid of. True story.

Looking back on what I ate, my memory is pretty bad considering it was only on Thursday that I went. While I don’t remember all the details, I do remember leaving with a sense of contentedness. This place is no fuss, no bullshit. Go, eat burgers, drink cocktails and have a rowdy time.


I’m not posting the address because I already know it will be packed. Just trying to keep the numbers down, out of selfiness.

MEATliquor on Urbanspoon

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