Bincho is a small restaurant front in the heart of Soho. Truth be told I had never heard of it, nor noticed it till reading about it on other blogs. Specialising in Japanese yakitori and kushiyaki; they employ an imported Japanese grill. They also specialise in all manner of animal parts, some off the menu, some displayed on the specials board. As it was a Sunday afternoon in Soho and starvation was upon us we stuck to the conventional animal parts.

We started off with the Saya salad. Crunchy and fresh it had salmon, and avocado (which I ceremoniously picked out and left on the side of the plate). The dressing was citrusy and bright, and was topped off with a spicy powder that I want to say was Shichimi.

A bowl of plain steamed rice to accompany the skewers; first off we had bacon wrapped asparagus. Everything is better wrapped in bacon. Everything. Even right now, I’m wrapped in a duvet of bacon, my head resting of pillowing bacon fat and life seems pretty awesome.*
Lamb skewer which came on the bone. I secretly love when meat comes on the bones as it means I can hold it in my hands to eat it properly. Yes, I eat like a caveman.

Our last plate of skewers was the salmon, chicken meatballs and the chicken. The salmon had that awesome crispy skin, and to be honest there’s nothing you could do to salmon to make me NOT like it. Spongey chicken meatballs were good, just cooked through enough to still have chicken juice and the non-meatball but still chicken skewer was also still juicy. Just look at the shininess on all of the skewers! You don’t get that over-cooking them, no siree.

I really like Bincho. I’ve been several times and I know I’ll be back. It can be easy to run up a large bill here, but the cooking and quality of ingredients makes it worth it. In fact, my only criticism is I’ve turned up a couple of times and they’ve been completely booked and I couldn’t eat here. Which is more my fault than theirs for being popular, but if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night, I recommend booking.

*I wish that were true.


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