Full disclosure: I come here alot. 2 of the waitresses know my name. One of them shares the same name as myself. I’ve been told they like my laugh – they all love it apparently. SaSa has become my go to place when I can’t think of where to eat in Angel and I don’t feel like burgers.

Plum wine. Like delicious fairies dancing on my tongue. I keep meaning to buy a couple of bottles of this to have at home, but I keep forgetting.

Ebi Shumai. Freshly made, diced prawn in a dumpling with a dab of English Mustard. So good, I could easily eat half a dozen on my own. Mmmm, steamy fresh goodness.

Salmon Tataki. Slices of thinly cut salmon, with a citrusy, soy dressing. Thinly cut daikon adds good crunch. Retro 70’s curly parsley may leave the table.

The main event. Crunchy Tuna roll and the Melting Salmon. The Melting Salmon is dipped into tempura batter and deep fried. Avocado is gross, so with my superior chopstick skills I poke it out. At the end of the meal I am left with a neat little pile of mushy green shit. Deep fried anything is good.

The crunchy tuna roll is also brilliant. Tuna, wasabi tobiko, and deep fried crunchy batter bits, it’s a delicious mix of soft, crunchy and bursty.

I like this place. It’s not the most traditional and most dishes are mish-mash of fusion, but I like it. The food’s cooked well, and they remember me. What’s not to like?

Sa Sa Sushi on Urbanspoon


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