A Thai restaurant in the back streets of Marylebone, has the sweetest website opening shot: Monkey and Me A regular haunt for work celebratory lunches.

2 courses for 8.95 as a lunch special is good value and covers the basics of what you would expect to find on a standard Thai menu.

Thai Fish cakes weren’t particularly spicy, and there wasn’t as much of the sponginess that I like in them. I wish there was more chilli in them.

Pork Panang Curry with boiled rice. Ignorance serves to remind me I can’t really tell the difference between this a red curry. It was once again nice, but I wish there was more chilli in it. I did have the moment of internal emabarassment when I realised I was eating my curry with a fork and spoon like the pleb-half-Asian I am, while everyone else was eating with a knife and fork. But then that 2 seconds passed and I kept on going. The curry was nice, good to eat with the boiled rice, but a bit salty.

Monkey and Me is ok. Reminiscent of Busaba, the food is nice but feels less authentic. Kind of like wanting a burger and then going to GBK over Lucky Chip. Yeah I said, and I will continue to bring up Lucky Chip in as many posts as I can. Because I can.

Monkey & Me on Urbanspoon


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