Newly opened on Dean St in Soho, is Duck Soup. Catchy, fantastic name, my interest is piqued particularly by the daily Twitter updates of a quickly snapped photo of the handwritten menu uploaded to their Tumblr.

Chosen as the ideal place for a catch up with some ex-friends (hi Elen + Rach!) I arrive early and order a red wine. As I am a wine n00b, I don’t know what it was I was drinking. When I was offered a taste to see if it was to my liking, the bar guy offerred several adjectives to describe the taste, none of which I remember now. That is me failing at being an adult.

Once all parties are present and accounted for, we head downstairs to the cozy bar and are seated at a table.

Ahem – my utter excitement at getting to catch up with Elen + Rach may have resulted in less than clear photos. This can only be improved upon over more posts.

All the menu’s appear to be handwritten. As the menu appears to be updated daily, I can only think that this truly must be one of the more tedious aspects of being employed at Duck Soup. The menu’s pretty mixed across French, Spanish and Italian.


First up was some bread (2 quid, eek!) and some cured sausage (3.50).

And thus begins my less than love for Duck Soup. Tiny portions.

Cured pig and…something that I STILL can’t work out what it was. I WANT to say it was thinly sliced potato in a creamy mayo type sauce. Salty combined with a creamy crunch, it wasn’t too bad.

This was one of the ‘Large Plates’ described on the menu. Octopus, gremolata and artichoke. All ingredients were undeniably quality and it was perfectly cooked, but it was pricey for what it was.

Foie Gras on toast. Elen not being a fan; I managed to snag her piece. Ducks be damned, if it wasn’t so tasty and buttery I wouldn’t eat it, ok?

The last of the dishes, another ‘Large Plate’ was the veal stew. The arrival of this also required another order of bread (another 2 quid, eek!). The veal was great. Easily pulled apart into strings (read: tender) and giant alien-looking mushrooms made it a great dish to end with.

Total bill came to 84 pounds which included 2 glasses of wine each. Service was great, they knew each of the dishes and were able to make solid recommendations; it’s just we all left feeling a bit….meh.

For a Wednesday night, all tables were noticeably full, so they must be doing something right, but I am curious at how many people were returning customers and how many were  first-timers like us; curious and eager to try what could potentially be the next hot restaurant. While I don’t want this to be a blog of negativity; I’d much rather this be a place of foodie porn heaven, if I’m being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t go back. Duck Soup has a great concept and potential, but for the prices they are charging, as much I don’t want to say the ‘P’ word, I have to: Polpo. As we were eating we couldn’t help but compare to Polpo. And when I look back over these photos, I think – for that price, that’s ALL we ate? No doubt, the quality of what we ate was comparable, but for the price, well, Polpo comes out streets ahead.

Ducksoup on Urbanspoon

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