On the corner of Brownswood Road and Green Lanes is my local pub. Local, as in on a Sunday when I’m hungry I go there for a Sunday Roast because I live 50 metres away. A few months ago it underwent a facelift of sorts, and went from a place that had a Thai restaurant during the week and Sunday Roast on the weekend to the a probably more appropriate standard pub fare.

Not particularly groundbreaking, but who really wants fancy when you can have comforting and reliable?

The white blob is horseradish, you sicko. Yorkies a bit burnt, but I’m pretty new to the Yorkshire phenomenon so they’re quite the novelty for me. The red cabbage hidden at the back, was mixed with a bit of apple and added sweetness to the roast. Which if you’re into mixing sweet and savoury, like I am, you’ll love.


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